Welcome to RMD Observations.

I have been learning and experimenting with lots of software and on-line photo and video services.

I am starting to put some of my results on this website. Taking some time.


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Website based on Raspberry Pi tutorial

Wilde Tuin

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Sparrowhawk in my Garden (vrouwtje sperwer) from Rose Dlhopolsky on Vimeo.

I filmed this event in February 2008. The Nieuwe Wulven, a nearby park, was being restored and there was a lot of tractor noise. I suspect that this bird was avoiding the area and that meant the demise of the little bird. My neighbor happened to be looking out her back window about the same time and had seen the falcon swoop down, grab the little bird. It sat at my picnic table and finished its meal before taking off.

Update 8 May 2013: During my IVN nature guide course, I enjoyed a lecture about how to identify birds. This bird in my garden has a yellow ring around its eye and speckled breast. I believe that it is a Eurasian sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus). The little bird was a "Great Tit" or a "blue tit" (pimpelmees, Cyanistes caeruleus).


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